​Sutter Buttes Coton De Tulear

​Sandee's Grace

Sandee's Grace is a happy retired Girl.  She is the Mama to many beautiful babies with Sandee's Electric Edison & Sweetest Coton Instinct.  See below Grace's parentage & Pedigree

​Located in beautiful Yuba City California. A short drive from Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, or anywhere in Northern California.

GR CH Sandee's Abigail. 

 CHIC #56524 Weight : 10.2 lbs.  
Height : 9 Eye : Dark
Length : 13

http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1295070#animal (copy/paste in address)

Registration: LOF15892 Sire: LOF8618  
No photo on file
Sex: M *Titles:
Color: WHITE CHIC #:
Birthdate: Oct 20 1997 Addtl. Reg. # CDNCAN610

CDT-PA113/39M/P-PI PATELLA Jan 29 2001 Feb 15 2001 39 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
CDT-93G44M-PI HIPS Jul 10 2001 Aug 9 2001 44 GOOD
THYROID May 12 2001 Apr 1 2002 42 EQUIVOCAL


GR CH Ninja de la Chaumiere du Lac.  The reason I had to have Grace.  I fell in love with Ninja.. He's made beautiful babies. Now Deceased.  Weight : 13 lbs.  
Height : 10 Eye : Dark
Length : 15.5. Ninja's Health testing.   http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=812399#animal (copy/paste in address)